You can't charge your smartphone when it's sleeping: how to do it

You can't charge your smartphone when it's sleeping: how to do it Not everyone can remember the days of charging their smartphones when they were just finishing up the night of work. And if some people still remember the days of charging and then taking a nap, then you should not worry that your favorite micro-blogging app will be unable to perform its functions. Modern popular apps, as you can see, are quite easy to replace with wireless charging, which is quite popular now. The difference is not so big, so it's appropriate to pay attention to the second option. How to disable auto-charging of the smartphone when it is sleeping.What you need to do depends on the user. It may depend on the device model. For example, some people it's easy to disable auto-completion by using a special shortcut: you can find it in the settings, and in some cases the advantages are more obvious. In most cases, when you open the auto-completion menu, the notification that the option is available will appear. Others will have to turn off auto-completion due to power consumption. But it's up to you how you react to this feature. In some cases, you turn it on to save battery power, in other cases you turn it off because it is inconvenient for yourself.How to disable auto-completion for a smartphone:Open the settings of your smartphone. You can access them by clicking on the "completion" icon. There you will see a list of applications and select them. The most convenient way to use the auto-completion feature is to double-tap on the name of the selected application. The auto-completion will display a list of all the available ones.All the other available ones the menu is displayed below:It is also worth noting that many micro-blogs have already compiled lists of apps which can be turned off when the smartphone is in sleep mode. In these cases, the battery is used for less than 10%, which means that the usage is not as great. But many users are looking for such a feature. It is quite possible to turn off auto-completion by themselves, but it is better to use it. .